Your 7-step guide to complete skin detoxification

They burned a candle on both sides, spent too many nights and insisted on a diet for croissants on coffee and alcohol (sorry, zero point for antioxidants). And now your skin hates you somehow. Thus, you can cancel all damage and transfer your face to the next level that you deserve.

BASIS are suitable

The only way to bring lasting changes is to participate in a consistent procedure. This means that every morning it protects the skin from elements (for example, species rich in antioxidants and free radicals loaded with probiotic lysate and polyhydroxy acids) and restores the skin at night. Do the basics for just a few days and you will see improvements in the elasticity, texture and radiance of your face.


Just like a good evaporator can gently attract clothing, it can also help remove and remove impurities from the skin. As an added benefit, a 10-minute steam session can also help any product that you use after that: whey, mask, facial oil absorb better, which is crucial when trying to revive tired skin. A bowl of boiling water and a towel is enough, but for the safest couple, try a professional device with an automatic shutdown button that prevents too much water temperature.


Weeks of stressful situations and lack of sleep can torment your face. Do not overestimate, wiping too much – this will only worsen the situation. Instead, use a light charcoal and clay mask (after evaporation, ideally) several times a week to remove oil and dirt from each pinch. What you’ll see: amazingly refined skin, smoother even after one use.


The key to maintaining a clear and bright complexion in the long term is to eliminate internal inflammation – the root of most skin problems, from rosacea to acne to wrinkles. Give yourself a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect by adding turmeric, a gold spice that works for your natural ability to fight fatigue and swelling in everything you eat or drink – water, milk, yogurt, cocktails, sprinkle,

Filtering free radicals

Drinking tons of water and regularly applying the right products for skin care are the first steps to get your face back on track. Your second line of defense? A highly effective air purifier that filters out harmful contaminants such as dust, ozone and smoke that can inflict an unpleasant smell in the form of dark spots and deep wrinkles. Using a hybrid air cleaner filter helps to eliminate up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens when cooling the entire room. This is a clever skin care technology.

Let your skin breathe

Think about how to get rid of potentially annoying and pore-forming make-up skin once or twice a week. he could just do the trick to clear the dull, dry, spotted skin. Take this opportunity by applying an effective citric acid coating, which smoothes the complexion and smoothes the texture at a time.

Do you know how sometimes, no matter what you do or use, your skin is always tense and flaky? This is because you are dehydrated, and this is not necessarily your fault. Environmental factors such as heaters, blowing wind and ultraviolet rays literally suck your dry skin. The solution is to prevent, not cure, so start drinking, sister! Daily take about a liter or two purified water – more if caffeine or salty foods are the staple in your diet.

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