7 The best make-up that every woman should know

These are not your makeup tips and tricks.
1. To get a lasting lip color, stroke your shadow, place a paper towel through your mouth, then sprinkle with a translucent powder to adjust the color.

This process may seem huge, but the reward is worth it. Transparent powder not only exudes a bold color, for example, the porous lipstick of Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramid in red, and makes it instantly durable, but the fabric protects your lip color and protects it from lightning or loss of vivacity. (A translucent powder, although it should be clear, always has a thin white hue that can change the color of the lips.) (Council for make-up artist Lauren Cosenza.)

2. Mix free pigments with ointment or petroleum jelly to create your own lip gloss.

If you have eyeliner pigments that you have and want to wear like lipstick, mix them with a small ointment such as Boo-Boo VMV Hypoallergenic Balm or Vaseline in a spoon and whip on your lips. Voil!

3. Fill the bow of your Cupid by drawing an “X” on the upper lip.

The easiest and quickest way to make a dome perfect is to take a labret in the shade of lipstick and create an “X” on Cupid’s belly. Then apply lipstick, as usual, and that’s it!

4. Hide dark circles and puffy eyes in the right direction, forming a triangle with your blanket.

You can be a fan of glasses on your concealer in those places where you need it, but the best way is to put it in a triangular shape with the base of the triangle just below the eyelashes and point down the cheek applied. This form helps to hide any redness in the lower part of the eye and sides and immediately creates the illusion that your face is high, because the brightest spot under the eyes is the most intense.

5. Make contours more natural with a pen, pencil or make-up pen to find out exactly where your cheekbone is.

Not all faces are created equal, so when your BFF can be applied, your tan may not be the best place for you to comment on yourself. To find out where you need to vacuum the solarium, apply the pen in pencil, pencil or make-up brush directly under your cheekbone (only in the pocket under the bone) to find the right angle for your face. Once you have found the right placement, wipe the bronzer with sketches on the face and then distribute the color to look normal. (Council for Make-up artist Loren Cosenza.)

16. Organize the contours of the face with a gel spray pencil, because it is easier to apply and mix gently.

After applying your base, mark the areas that you want to bypass – hollows under cheekbones, temples, hair, chin, sides of the nose, nose tip and eye folds – with a deeply dyed eyebrow pencil, such as IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector Auburn Pencil Gel . Eyebrow pencils are very concentrated, but very lubricated, and easy to control the placement of their dark pigment, which makes them ideal for the contour. Then use a cream marker, such as the Mac Cream Luna Cosmetic Base, on the cheekbones, in the middle of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, in the middle of the chin and Bow of Cupid. (Council for make-up artist Lauren Cosenza and this textbook.)

7. Apply a stain on the face with a clean toilet seat.

First, yes, it sounds disgusting, but blotting papers and toilet covers are made of similar fabrics and help absorb excess oil on your skin. So, if you are in the extreme position and go to the bathroom to cool down in any case, take one of these blankets and apply it on the skin to reduce the excess oil on your face.

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