10 Life is changing Makeup khaki EVERY woman needs to know


These are not your makeup tips and tricks.

1. Turn pencil eyeliner into gel form using a match or a lighter.

Keep your pencil in black, green, burgundy, etc. (which usually creates a thin, firmer line) under the flame for one second, let it cool for 15 seconds, and then watch the change in consistency before your eyes. Finally, slip onto your newly made Gelliner for an instantly smoother formula.

2. Cover your eyelid with a white liner to create a shadow for your eyelids.

To reveal a pigmented or less pigmented eyelid shadow on the eyelid, take a pencil with a white pencil, such as “Coya Makeup for Lip Pencils” and wipe it all over the body. The opaque consistency of the liner strengthens every shadow and immediately shows up on the skin. (Council for make-up artist Lauren Cosenza, founder of Divalicious Blog.)

3. First draw a cat’s eye, then each time fill the space for a perfect winged liner.


It’s much easier. Use this tutorial as a guide.

4. Use a spoon to make a perfect liner.
Hold the spoon handle from the outer corner of the eye, draw a straight line as the first step for your cat’s eye. Then turn the spoon around the eyelid and use a rounded outer edge to achieve an absolutely curved wing effect.

5. Draw a strange hashtag on the outer corner of your eye and shuffle it to an instant haze effect.

I went earlier; Right after

To create an ultralight smoky eye, draw a hashtag symbol directly in front of the outer corner of the eye, and then mix it with the dirt on the other end of the eyeliner.

6. Use the same spoon to avoid carcass in the upper eyelid.
Hold the spoon so that it surrounds your eyelid, and then apply mascara. When you sweep the mascara against the eyelashes and back of the spine, make sure the remnants cover the back of the dishes, not your skin.

7. Add the salt solution in the form of a fluffy carcass for moisturizing.
You need to keep mascara for three months, since it can also collect bacteria and lead to eye infections. However, if your mascara is dried during these three months, lighten it with a few drops of saline.

8. Strike your shaper with a hair dryer to warm it and ease the winding of your eyelashes.
Inflating warm air on your eyelash line will make your eyelashes easier to ride and will continue to ride longer. It works just as the heat changes the pattern of your hair and keeps a loop with curled iron. To do this, beat the hair curlers with your hairdryer until it warms up, wait until it cools down, but still hot (you want to be sure not to burn your eyelid), then pinch your whip.

9. Sprinkle the translucent powder between the application on mascara to strengthen the eyelashes.
Transparent powder helps maintain the mascara between the layers, so that you have thicker eyelashes. Try this advice by following this guide.

10. Apply ciliary glue to the false eyelashes with the tip of the clean hair clip.

Use the tip of the hair clip to evenly distribute the glue along the bottom of your falsifications. Then wait a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky and applies it!

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