APSTA E-Newsletter July 2017, Volume 3, Issue 7

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APSTA E-Newsletter July 2017, Volume 3, Issue 7

inside this issue:

=> APSTA News: APSTA participation in Protection of Civilians (PoC) course at IPSTC.

=> Members News: APSTA Members latest headlines and their training calendar for August 2017.

=> AU & RECs/RMs Headlines: AU condemns attack on AMISOM Personel; 702 PSC meeting on operations of MNJTF; Communique of 700th PSC Meeting on Somalia and 699th Meeting of Peace and Security Council on situations in Guinea Bissau; among others

 => Review of Research Paper: "Rentier peacekeeping in neo-patrimonial systems: the examples of Burundi and Kenya", research article that sheds light on the often neglected influence of African politics on international peacekeeping missions. 

=> Latest Policy Briefs & Analysis Papers: List of latest Policy Briefs and Analysis Papers published during July, gathered from different sources.

=> Book Review: "Fighting Serious Crimes: Strategies and Tactics for Conflict-Affected Societies", an invaluable resource for anyone battling serious crimes in societies seeking to avoid conflict, to escape from violence, or to recover and rebuild.

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