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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is composed of seven members, including the current and the immediate past Presidents, and five other members elected by the General Meeting, to ensure that all five regions are represented. The Board is charged with overseeing the activities of APSTA. It is currently composed of:

   > Lécole Internationale des Forces de Securité (EIFORCES), Cameroun Member (ECCAS), Chair
   > Cairo Centre for Conflict Resolution & Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA), Permanent Member (NARC), immediate past Chair
   > Institute for Security Studies (ISS),Mamber (SADC)
   > Mali Peacekeeping School, Alioune Blondin BEYE (EMPABB), Permanent Member on linguistic grounds
   > Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre (NAPKC), Member (ECOWAS)
   > Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA), Member (EAC)
   > International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC), Kenya, Permanent Member (EAC) in accordance with Kenyan law

The list of MANCO Meetings is as follows:

16 March 2011 1st EXCOM Meeting, Cairo, Egypt | Communique
24 Oct  2011 2nd EXCOM Meeting, CCCPA, Cairo, Egypt | Communique
15-16 May 2012 3rd EXCOM Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya | Communique                                                                                           
25-26 Feb 2013 4th EXCOM Meeting, Harare, Zimbabwe | Communique
17-18 June 2013 5th EXCOM Meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Communique
27-28 Feb 2014 6th MANCO Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria  | Communique
12-13 June 2014 7th MANCO Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria  | Communique
10-11 March 2015 8th MANCO Meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  | Communique
21- 22 July 2015 9th MANCO Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya | Communique
08-09 Feb 2016 10th Board of Directors Meeting, Cairo, Egypt | communique
27-28 April 2016 11th Board of Directors Meeting, Cairo, Egypt | communique