Knowing things about Microblading before getting an eyebrow tattoo

This is not the eyebrow tattoos of the 90s.
Ask an average woman if she wants a tattoo on her face, and she will probably make you crazy. Ask her if she wants to have well-trained eyebrows that do not need make-up, and she will probably ask how to do it.

Microblading, of course, not a tattoo of eyebrows of yesteryear – do you remember when people shaved their hair on their foreheads and crossed lines with an unnatural look? Cosmetic technology, which is becoming more popular in recent years. He promises strong eyebrows with a natural look. This is a small practical tool, rounded with micro-eggs, which apply pigments to the first layer of the skin with lines resembling eyebrows.

The process works on Instagram, and the results can be incredibly flattering, realistic and straightforward. If you are not sure that microlame is the solution to your problem, you should check it before making a decision.

Unlike traditional tattoos, microbulation is not permanent.
Microblading is semi-permanent, which means it takes six to 36 months, depending on who you ask. “After the first treatment, a recovery or” cultivation session “is required within four to eight weeks, and then every six to twelve months,” says Claire Rosenberg, the Microblading Academy USA Academy coach and owner of the Brow & Beauty Bar in Boca Raton Florida.

Microblading is not for everyone.
“The ideal candidate for microblasting is someone who wants to completely redesign, define or fill in the gaps,” said Skyy Hadley, founder of Blink Beauty Boutique, with offices in New Jersey and New York. “Those who just want to add a little onions are also good candidates.”

However, some skin conditions and diseases may become less ideal candidates, including oily skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, pregnancy and some autoimmune diseases. In addition, “types of sensitive skin bleed easily, which leads to poor retention of the pigment and a less desirable result in micro-localization,” says Hadley.

The micro-library should not be executed by anyone.
“In search of qualified professionals certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Specialists (SPCP),” advises Hadley. “These professionals must have many years of experience and pass a test that has been approved by the agency or body for certification as an instructor.”

It can or can not hurt.
Many microbusiness specialists will use local anesthesia to make their clients more comfortable – there are needles.

“Once the skin is open, anesthesia immediately works and you do not feel pain,” says Rosenberg.

In fact, some clients believe that the experience is relatively painless, even without the use of anesthetic.

“From what I heard, I was preparing for a terrible pain and a really boring scratch, but it was 100% tolerable, even if it was uncomfortable,” says editor-in-chief Stephanie Shore Fisher. and social video from GoodHousekeeping .com received their microblogging treatment from Nicolet Palmer, co-founder of Brouwy philosophy in Beverly Hills. “And I did not hear any sound at all.”

The results are immediate – and a bit intense.
Although any changes in your eyebrows may require a period of adjustment, do not worry if they initially look particularly large.

“Immediately after the procedure, the tattooed area looks darker and stronger, more clearly defined or even more complete,” says Hadley. Do not worry, this is not your last look.

“They are hidden for about a week or two,” says Rosenberg.

You are responsible for proper supervision.
For the best results, your doctor will tell you what to do and what you do not do in the first few days after the appointment of a micro-vesicle. Some advise to wash an eyebrow and apply ointments, while others recommend the opposite. It is important that you listen to your trusted specialist.

Reasonable advice: “I would not recommend severe sweating for 4 days, and I do not have direct sunlight,” says Hadley.

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