How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

A good proofreader is only a small part of the equation.
We get bad news – there is no magic bullet for dark circles. “Even the most expensive eye creams and procedures can not completely eliminate them,” says Paula Begun, founder of the skin care specialist, Paul. Good news: you can minimize your appearance.

That’s why we asked Begun and Sabine Wisman, senior chemists at the Beauty Institute’s beauty laboratory, how to minimize, darken and prevent dark circles.

1. Identify the root cause.
For a better course of action, you must first understand what is causing your dark circles. “Lack of sleep, an allergic reaction or the use of salty foods can be factors,” says Wiesemann, “but dark circles can also be hereditary.” In fact, “genetics can play a big role,” says Begun. “Some people have just been born and are predisposed to dark circles.”

2. Priority of sunscreen.
As with many skin problems, the solution begins with SPF. “The damage from the sun after years of unprotected sun exposure causes excessive pigmentation caused by thin skin under the eyes,” Begun says. “There is no doubt that the use of sunscreen around the eyes is very important.” She recommends choosing RESALL super light anti-wrinkle protection Paula SPF 30 ($ 33,, “a favorite fan for her ultra-soft formula that works great for the eye area and prepares the skin for make-up,” she said:

3. Know which ingredients for skin care to look for – and which ones should be avoided.
In addition to a good sunscreen, you should add serum with “skin-lightening ingredients that improve the natural vitality of the skin, such as niacinamide, pumpkin extract and vitamin C,” says Begun. Two best options: a regular suspension of vitamin C ($ 6 USA, is available and contains 23% of vitamin C. Glossary Super Pure ($ 28, is a high protein, but contains a mixture of niacinamide and vitamin B3.

You can also update your eye cream with a more complex formula. Wizemann recommends that you look for a product containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin to hydrate the area. Burt’s softening eye cream ($ 20, is highly appreciated by the GHI beauty laboratory for its hydration. Also pay attention to the Correxion 5-in-1 skin cream from RoC Multi Correxion with HEXINOL ($ 27,, which best evaluates the GHI beauty laboratory, to minimize dark circles, puffiness and signs of aging in a month permanent use, says Wieseman.

First of all, avoid irritants when creating your skin care procedure. “Foods containing soothing ingredients and not containing perfumes can be very important, because irritation can worsen the situation,” says Begun.

4. Find the corrector.
If you have dark circles under your eyes, you probably get into most of the concealer in the morning. But maybe it’s time to trade with your best model. “A moisturizing concealer with a satin or matte finish works best,” says Begun. “The goal is to find one that has enough slip to make it easier to mix, but not so much that it quickly bends under the eyes.”

Begoun recommends Beyond Perfecting Clinic Super Concealer ($ 20,, available in 18 shades, one of which is a special apricot correction dye specifically designed to compensate for fading. Another great choice is the Maya Beyond masking agent from Maybelline ($ 9,, which the GHI Beauty Lab appreciates for its abilities, as you guessed in order to minimize the appearance of dark circles.

5. Choose eye makeup wisely.
Be sure to use non-slip products for the eyes that darken the dark circles. “Many eye pencils are extremely fat and move around the eyes during the day,” says Begun. “Even if you do not have dark circles, you will look like you.” Choose a waterproof eyeliner, such as CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner ($ 7,, which is a dense seal for the household that makes it easy to slide and stay in place all day.

Another way to avoid stains is to apply a primer such as “Too strict a shadow” ($ 20, before applying the shade, lining and mascara.
6. Be careful when disassembling makeup.
This is not how you apply makeup, which can affect dark circles, but also how you remove it. “Constant traction and traction on the sensitive skin around the eyes increase the deflection and may be darker than the skin,” says Begun. “Shooting as little as possible around the eyes can make a big difference over time.” Think of using a cleansing oil, such as a simple moisturizing cleansing oil ($ 10, or a balm such as Take the Day Clinique Cleansing Balm ($ 29, to remove mascara and blush. eyelids with minimal tension.

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