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APSTA Secretariat Internships

The APSTA Secretariat offers limited opportunities for internship. The APSTA internship opportunities are intended to offer a small group of outstanding graduate-level students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to APSTA’s work with the objective of deepening their practical knowledge and skills, through an understanding of APSTA’s goals, principles and activities.

The internship is designed to complement development-oriented studies with practical experience in various professional aspects. In so doing, APSTA also stands to benefit from the contribution that interns make to its programs and activities.

As a Pan-African Association, the APSTA seeks to enhance that African identity by preferring African students without necessarily discriminating against other nationalities.

Interested individuals and institutions seeking opportunities for self-sponsored internships may wish to acquaint themselves with the APSTA and Procedures on Internships, for guidance on the administration of APSTA’s internship processes and activities, including hiring and selection, eligibility, typical tasks, procedures, supervision and conditions of work.

We wish our audiences and readership to note that Interns will only be recruited if they are currently attending or have just completed attendance at university or other tertiary institution of learning. 

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