How to apply a daily make-up you need to know

Many people prefer to wear makeup every day to hide flaws or simply improve their natural beauty. However, makeup, when you just started, can be a daunting task. Knowing which products to use in which order, it seems difficult and time consuming, but very simple and easy to learn. This helps if you divide your routine into smaller steps.
Apply daily makeup
Apply a blush and / or bronzer. Red and Bronzer are two pigmented powders designed to improve your skin. Blush is designed to give your cheeks a healthy, slightly reddened look, while Bronzer gives your skin a sunburn. Both are for use on the cheek, but you can also apply a bronzer on the nose, chin and forehead. Use a rounded makeup brush to wipe one (or both) of the skin.
As with other types of makeup, there are some things to consider when choosing a tan or blush. For Bronzer, choose a relatively neutral shade that is slightly darker than your natural complexion. Try a red color to adjust the color of the skin when rinsing. For lighter skin tones, look for roses and peaches. The right rouge for medium skin is lilac, pink, apricot or berry. On darker skin the most effective are effective colors, such as raisins, red brick and shiny mandarins. They seem too ugly for everyday make-up, but these colors eventually seem thin and neutral when applied to darker skin tones.
Some people use tanning to bypass the cheekbones. If you follow this route, you will need at least two tones of bronze: one is slightly lighter than your natural skin, and the other is slightly darker. Use a clean make-up brush to first add a lighter shade to the cheekbone. Then follow the dark shade below. Use the brush to mix them with the rest of your makeup for a natural look.
Apply daily makeup
Apply a primer to the eyes. If you have not prepared your area for the eyes, you must do this before applying eye shadow. Use your fingers to massage a small amount of the primer on the eyelids and the area above the fold of the eye. You can use the same primer that you used for the rest of the face, or a special eye contour. If you are using a primer, check the packaging to make sure it is safe for the eyes.
Choose eye shadow colors. You need at least two colors, one darker than the other. [11] Think about what you want. When it comes to eye shadow, you have three general options:
A natural look With such a look, many people will not even notice that you wear makeup for the eyes. Choose colors that are close to your color. Use a palette of neutral peaches, olives, tannins and / or brown shades.
Smoky Appearance For smoky eyes, you will surely look as if you are wearing makeup. However, this is a very popular look right now, when many people include it in their daily makeup. Use a palette of shades of gray and charcoal. Avoid real black shadows, because when working with black it’s difficult to create depth.
Colorful view. Everything is possible. Choose your favorite color or one that complements your eyes. For shadows, use a darker version of this color or smoked charcoal.
apply daily makeup
First, put on the brightest shadow for the eyelids. This will be the primary color. Depending on what you want, apply your foundation only to your eyelid or to your eyelid on your eyebrows. Use either a fine makeup brush or an eye shadow applicator.
apply daily makeup
Place the dark shadow on your eyelids. Cover the eyelid, but stay on the crease of the eye. Start with the eyelashes and wipe the eye shadow until the wrinkles of your eyes. Align it with the base color, using the same circular motions that you used for your base.
apply daily makeup

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